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Content is usually made available for download at least three months in advance from the expected date of use. To assist you in planning, the remainder of Cycle C focuses are listed below.

Please note that there are no summer sessions for Young Apprentices. Please make use of the Inquiry Sessions over the summer and early fall months. Young Apprentices Sessions will resume on November 1, 2019 for Year C and November 1, 2020 for Year A.


          Summer & Fall Ordinary Time

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time (August 18)

  • AIF: The Cloud of Witnesses and the Communion of Saints 

Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time (August 25)

  • AIF: Final Judgement

Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time (September 1)

  • AIF: Preferential Option for the Poor

Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time (September 8)

  • AIF: Self-Renunciation

Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (September 15)

  • AIF: The Church’s Ministry of Reconciliation 

Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (September 22)

  • AIF: Social Justice and Good Stewardship

Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time (September 29)

  • AIF: Social Justice and Solidarity

Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time (October 6)

  • AIF: The Sacrament of Holy Orders 

Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time (October 13)

  • AIF: Prayer of Thanksgiving

Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time (October 20)

  • AIF: Petition and Intercession in Prayer

Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time (October 27)

  • AIF: Humility Before God in Prayer

The Solemnity of All Saints' (November 1)

  • AIF: The Role of the Magisterium
  • YA: The Example of the Saints

Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time (November 3)

  • AIF: Justification 
  • YA: Christ Frees Us

Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time (November 10)

  • AIF: Heaven, Hell and Purgatory
  • YA: Everlasting Life

Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time (November 17)

  • AIF: The Pursuit of Justice
  • YA: Doing the Right Thing

Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (November 24)

  • AIF: Christ the King
  • AF: Christ the King

Year A


First Sunday in Advent (December 1)

  • AIF: The Second Coming of Christ
  • YA: The Second Coming of Christ

Second Sunday in Advent (December 8)

  • AIF: Justice and Peace, Signs of the Messianic Era
  • YA: Justice and Peace

Third Sunday in Advent (December 15) 

  • AIF: The Charism of Prophecy
  • YA: Prophets

Fourth Sunday in Advent (December 22)

  • AIF: Virgin Birth
  • YA: A Special Birth

Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord (December 25)

  • AIF: The Nativity

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph (December 29)

  • AIF: The Duties of Family Members
  • YA: The Family

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God (January 1)

  • AIF: Theotokos
  • YA: Mary Shows Us the Way

The Epiphany of the Lord (January 5)

  • AIF: Christ Is the Light of All Nations
  • YA: Salvation

Baptism of Our Lord (January 12)

  • AIF: Baptism and Mission
  • AF: Baptism

          Winter Ordinary Time

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (January 19)

  • AIF: The Principle Titles of Jesus
  • YA: The Name and Titles of Jesus

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (January 26)

  • AIF: Our Vocation in Christ
  • YA: Vocations

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (February 2)

  • AIF: Foundations of Christian Morality
  • YA: Do the Right Thing

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (February 9)

  • AIF: Social Teaching and the Poor
  • YA: Care of the Poor

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time (February 16)

  • AIF: Human Freedom and Christ’s Law in Love
  • YA: Free Will

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time (February 23)

  • AIF: The Call to Holiness
  • YA: Holiness

No Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time in Year A


First Sunday of Lent (March 1)

  • AIF: Divine Election
  • YA: Jesus Saves

Second Sunday of Lent (March 8)

  • AIF: Union with the Blessed Trinity
  • YA: Holiness

Third Sunday of Lent (March 15)

  • AIF: Faith
  • YA: The Gift of Faith

Fourth Sunday of Lent (March 22)

  • AIF: The Proliferation of Sin
  • YA: Sin

Fifth Sunday of Lent (March 29)

  • AIF: The Paschal Mystery in the Sacraments
  • YA: The Paschal Mystery

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord (April 12)

  • AIF: Christ’s Obedience as a Model for Believers
  • YA: Obedience

Easter Sunday (April 12)

  • AIF: The Resurrection of Christ
  • YA: No YA Session

Second Sunday of Easter (April 19)

  • AIF: Faith
  • YA: We Do Believe!

Third Sunday of Easter (April 26)

  • AIF: The Celebration of the Eucharist
  • YA: Jesus is Present!

Fourth Sunday of Easter (May 3)

  • AIF: Jesus, the Good Shepherd
  • YA: Jesus, the Good Shepherd

Fifth Sunday of Easter (May 10)

  • AIF: The Sacrament of Holy Orders and the Common Priesthood of the Baptized
  • YA: Church Ministries

Sixth Sunday of Easter (May 17)

  • AIF: The Sacrament of Confirmation
  • YA: Making a Difference

Seventh Sunday of Easter/Ascension (May 24)

  • AIF: The Ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • YA: Jesus is With Me Always

Pentecost Sunday (May 31)

  • AIF: The Holy Spirit
  • YA: Peace Be With You

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity (June 7)

  • AIF: The Triune God
  • YA: The Most Holy Trinity

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (June 14)

  • AIF: The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist
  • YA: The Eucharist

          Summer Ordinary Time

No YA Sessions until Nov. 1st, 2020.

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time (June 21)

  • AIF: Persecution and Suffering

Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time (June 28)

  • AIF: The Sacrament of Baptism

Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time (July 5)

  • AIF: Chastity

Fifteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time (July 12)

  • AIF: Sacred Scripture

Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time (July 19)

  • AIF: Moral Evil

Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time (July 26)

  • AIF: The Kingdom of God

Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time (August 2)

  • AIF: The Eucharist as Meal

Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time (August 9)

  • AIF: Divine Revelation

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time (August 16)

  • AIF: God’s Healing Grace

Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time (August 23)

  • AIF: The Petrine Ministry

         Fall Ordinary Time

Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time (August 30)

  • AIF: The Cross of Discipleship

Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time (September 6)

  • AIF: Conversion

Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (September 13)

  • AIF: The Forgiveness of Others

Twenty-fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time (September 20)

  • AIF: The Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation

Twenty-sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time (September 27)

  • AIF: Moral Decision-Making

Twenty-seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time (October 4)

  • AIF: Divine Justice

Twenty-eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time (October 11)

  • AIF: Keeping Holy the Lord’s Day

Twenty-ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time (October 18)

  • AIF: The First Commandment

Thirtieth Sunday of Ordinary Time (October 25)

  • AIF: The Commandment to Love

Solemnity of All Saints (November 1)

  • AIF: The Role of the Magisterium
  • YA: Church Leaders

Thirty-second Sunday of Ordinary Time (November 8)

  • AIF: Perseverance in Prayer
  • YA: Wisdom

Thirty-third Sunday of Ordinary Time (November 15)

  • AIF: Stewardship
  • YA: Stewardship

Solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe (November 22)

  • AIF: Judge the Living and Dead
  • YA: The Last Judgment